"Things won are done,
Joy's Soul lies in the Doing."
- William Shakespeare

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Washington has been experiencing a doozy of a storm, or storms, rather, for the past week or so.  Snow, ice, freezing rain, high winds, widespread power outages, cancelled school and work...Mother Nature has been busy.  And while it's easy to say what I'm about to, as we were some of the lucky ones, safe and warm at the cabin...I will say it nonetheless:  It is both awesome and humbling to see Nature at work.  Being housebound, while it has its difficult moments, does force some good things to happen.  Craft projects get started (and some even get finished!), games are played, cocoa and coffee flow in abundance.  Friends are met in the coffee shop and street to compare storm stories, share a laugh, change the view for a wee while.  And most importantly, we are easily able to see our good fortune, and feel incredibly grateful.  In fact, Gratitude overwhelms us.  Gratitude for our woodstove, and well-stocked firewood supply.  For our kiddos, who are such very good friends, and (nearly always) so very kind to each other.  For a full fridge and pantry, and a new cookbook to tackle...(Thank you, my dear Gretchen!!)  For a healthy supply of yarn, fabric, gluesticks and tape (the latter two being The Girl's two favorite craft supplies).  Through hearing of the destruction caused by the storm...worrying for people we know and people we don't...reflecting on how very easy life generally is these days, and on how life must have been for people before electricity and all of our many, many modern comforts...Well, suffice it to say, we feel blessed indeed.

Here's a bit of what kept us busy during the storms:

Lots of time spent reading, and cozying up by the fire...

A few giggles at the cat, who ventured out for no more than thirty seconds at a go...

A knitted hat begun and completed...meant for me, but...

...turns out, really meant for the Girl.

(Also it looked like a bathing cap on my head.)

Those pants finally, finally were finished (many moons later than intended)...

And the Boy loves them.

I used the Made tutorial to create the pattern, but had to up the size to fit the Boy.  Long time coming, but we do get there in the end.  Eventually.  

All in all...despite it all...and because of it all...it's been a pretty good week for us.  Sometimes it's good to have a reminder of just how lucky we are in Life.

May you keep Safe and Warm.

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