"Things won are done,
Joy's Soul lies in the Doing."
- William Shakespeare

Monday, January 9, 2012

Missing in Action

I'm still here.  Really.  I've been somewhat missing in action these days, I am aware.  (Note to self:  When exactly does the holiday rush end?  Because in this world of mine, it appears to be going strong.  Still.)

Amidst the back-to-school settling in...the adjusting of late holiday bedtimes back to normal, sane ones...the weekday moans of disgust at early rising...the putting away of holiday decorations (and the increased space, hooray!)...amidst all those usual activities...  There has been house hunting and job hunting. 

And on the more fun front, a visit from aunt and uncle and cousins from the UK, showing them our lovely Pacific Northwest...

And heaps of skiing and snowboarding, and fun in the snow...

...And just this weekend, after all the crazy-busy-fun stuff began to calm, I had the huge honor, the bliss, of attending a beautiful birth at home.  Now that is something profoundly worth celebrating, I must say.  A massive amount of gratitude goes out to my dear friends, now parents of their third wee girl, for allowing me to be part of their story.

Obviously, I am not posting photos of their little one.  But I do have a hat.  (Sheepish Grin.)

You should make one.  The Aviatrix, knitted in Cascade Superwash (a local, and washable wool yarn!).  I adore this hat.  Unfortunately, it won't be fitting the little girl for which it is intended...for a little while. My Ravelry notes here.

Have a beautiful day.  I'll be back to share a recipe, pronto!  (Just as soon as I can find the one I misplaced!)

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