"Things won are done,
Joy's Soul lies in the Doing."
- William Shakespeare

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Surprised Myself

Some weekends don't go according to plan.  Like the tomato cluster* a few weeks back.  This weekend, my fine friends, stuff has been accomplished.  I've surprised myself.  Nary a bombed meal, a knitting project to be ripped out and restarted, a dough that failed to rise...That's a good weekend.  I wouldn't be so self-congratulatory right now, by the way, if I didn't regularly have innumerable blunders and faux pas, learning curves - shall we say - in my homemaking adventures (and misadventures).  That's not to say that I bungle everything...but you know, I do muddle through some days.  So, just let me have this one.

Here's what's been happening around these parts, over the last couple of days:

Homemade Bagels.  Wha wha what?!  Yeah, can you believe this?
I'm stoked.  Stay tuned for the recipe, coming your way soon.

The best damn cookie you've ever eaten, from Not Without Salt.  
Not lasting so long around here.  Go make some.

Using up my plenitude of tomatoes, a la Molly's Slow Roasted Tomatoes
from Orangette.  Heavenly.  Go make some.

Making serious progress on my Genevieve sweater.  Check it out!
It's starting to actually look like a sweater, people!

And I even took it off the needles to try it on...get this...
It fits.
(So far.)

Look what the Mister's up to:

Painting his board...the very first board he's ever shaped (under John Carlson's awesome tutelage!).
He'd like me to point out that it's a work in progress.
I say it's a work of art.
A Stu-Art board.  Haha.

And just see what was happening at the cabin today:

What a great weekend.

I hope your weekend has been just as fabulous.

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