"Things won are done,
Joy's Soul lies in the Doing."
- William Shakespeare

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Being Neighborly

While waiting for the ever-elusive summer to finally begin, I have at least been getting some decent time on the needles.  Hot weather is not only a serious deterrent for working with wool, but also feels so completely ridiculous to be knitting clothing for winter.  I mean, I realize I look like a bit of a goof, needles clacking away at the park, looking up long enough to call out:  "Hey!  Where's Devin gone?  Oh...right...there she is..."  Clack, clack, clack.  Ignore stares from the judgers.  I have yet to figure out whether they're judging me for not keeping constant eyeballs on my daughter - who, mind you, is very responsible and most likely will not head for the hills at the first opportunity - or judging me to be a crazy person, for sitting and knitting on a (we are told, but I have my doubts) summer afternoon.

Anyhoo...all this rubbish weather has gotten me to finish Devin's Neighborly sweater, a design from JCasa.  Stop by her site, by the way, especially if you have crafty leanings.  That woman is cool, and does some great stuff.

So, finally, a sweater for the girl.  You know, for all this hot (not) weather we're having.

Of course, it must be paired with a tutu, especially if you're planning on flitting through the forest, fairy style.

My notes, and adjustments can be found on Ravelry, here.  A very easy knit, once I'd figured out how to size it up for the girl.  (By "figuring," I mean pestering the Mister to help me out with the math.  To which he kept responding, while looking over the pattern:  "I don't know what any of these knitting terms mean."  Oh, come on, Mister, I know you can do anything.  Don't pull that one on me now!)  Aside from the slightly too biggish collar, I'm pleased.

And so's the girl.

She says Ta-Ta.


  1. Some beautiful shots - I guess you managed to sneak a few snaps between squalls!

  2. The sweater looks gorgeous! Of course, the model wearing it helps to make it even more beautiful! I know I'm prejudice but she does look like a fairy princess in her new sweater. Nice job Ne'cole!
    Love, Nana

  3. Hi Ne'cole,
    The sweater is beautiful! I don't think the neckline is too large at all. It adds to the mystical quality. Devin really does look like a fairy princess here!

    I really enjoy reading your blog. And the photos are great too. Looks like you guys live in a wonderland up there.

    Thanks for sharing.
    (Aidan and Abbey's dad)