"Things won are done,
Joy's Soul lies in the Doing."
- William Shakespeare

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

In the Spirit of Summer

It seems that Summer has decided to hang out with us again.  Although, I must say, she is one fickle, unappreciative guest, isn't she?  Summer's long-awaited arrival practically brings tears of joy to our eyes, after that overstaying sop, Spring, finally takes the hint that she and her despondent crying jags (or rainstorms, as the case may be) are no longer wanted...In swans Summer, only to inform us that she's using us as home base, while she jaunts around the country, visiting more exciting places and working on her tan.  And, piteous creatures that we are, we celebrate her return, forgive her for her capricious temperament, and yearn for her to stay and grace us with her company for just a few consecutive weeks.  Ungrateful wretch that she is...we love her.

Summer allows us a freedom that we aren't able to enjoy the rest of the year.  Summer is the wild friend, come to tempt us to throw away convention and rejoice in the moment.  Off fly the restricting layers:  coats, sweaters, socks, and shoes; to be replaced with mood-altering sundresses, swingy skirts, and dancing bare feet.  Nights grow long.  Bedtimes are nearly done away with altogether.  School routines are set aside for a blessed ten weeks.  The theme of the day becomes one of hedonistic, live-in-the-moment, abandon.  How can we not worship Summer?  She's the Fun One.

Further calling us to adore Summer is the sheer bounty she presents to our senses.  Crisp, boldly hued vegetables and lusciously ripe fruits are suddenly, overwhelmingly on offer, often needing no more than a wee drizzle of this, or a dollop of that, to be called a meal.  My very favorite food is Summer food.  And breakfast is no exception.

Having received some beautiful raspberries in yesterday's CSA box, (after a few nibbles - we aren't saints, after all), I set them aside for breakfast this morning.  And, because we are luxuriating in Summer, rather than going to the boring grocery store, my plan for yogurt and raspberries needed some modification.  Seeing as how I was out of yogurt.  A very ripe peach, and some previously frozen coconut milk cubes did the trick nicely.

Summer Smoothie of Raspberry, Peach, and Coconut Milk
-serves 2 to 3, exact amounts are not given...use your instincts!

1 half-pint, or more, fresh raspberries
1 large, very ripe peach
10 or 12 frozen coconut milk cubes*
coconut milk, or fruit juice, to blend

*I used a boxed vanilla coconut milk drink, from Trader Joe's, not the canned kind you cook with.  Although I would be curious to know if that works.  Using an ice cube tray, simply pour the coconut milk in, and freeze for several hours.  Once frozen, store in freezer bags, for up to several weeks, using them as you need them.*

Throw the fruit, coconut cubes, and a bit of coconut milk (or juice) into a blender, and blend until smooth.  You may need to add more liquid, to get things moving.

Enjoy immediately, while soaking in the morning sunshine.

May you revel in the day.  Happy Summer!

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