"Things won are done,
Joy's Soul lies in the Doing."
- William Shakespeare

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Recipe for the Perfect Friday

All you need for the perfect Friday afternoon:


Two Kiddos, or a number that suits your fancy
A lake, somewhat chilled
A picnic, quick and easy - bread, cheese, olives, & blueberries, in this case
The Mister, or suitable other, to come in and take over at just the right time (and help carry stuff back)
A bottle of well-chilled wine

To Prepare:

Begin by picking the kiddos up from school.  Toss their swim gear at them, and have them change in the car on the way to the lake.  (Remind the boy, that A.  Nobody can see him change.  And B.  It's easier to quickly slip into boardies if you undo the velcro fastening before you put them on.)  Let the excitement simmer on the short drive to the lake, then deflate slightly, by telling them that everyone must carry something...

Send the boy on ahead to search out the perfect, secluded spot, and set up camp.  Baste everyone in sunscreen, and allow to marinate for several hours...

Whilst marinating, take a ridiculous number of photos of the kiddos doing their thing...


 Marvel at their greatness for a bit...

Then change your mind when they start bickering.  Cue snacks...


When you're pretty sure everyone is well and truly cooked, break out the picnic...

...which will cue the Mister's arrival...and the wine (for which you forgot the wine key, never mind, the Mister's got it.)

Toast the good life.
With a few blueberries in there for good measure.

And back to enjoying the remains of the day...

(I shall call him Mini-Me...)

Soak up the last rays of sunshine...

Then pack it all up, and head for home...


The Perfect Recipe.

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