"Things won are done,
Joy's Soul lies in the Doing."
- William Shakespeare

Monday, June 20, 2011

Riding the Wave

In a semi-reflective mood this morning, and pondering yesterday's trip to the beach for Father's Day, it comes to me that parenting is a lot like riding a wave.  Just as in life, and surfing, it is vital to one's very survival that you learn to relax, trust yourself and your child, and just let the wave take you where it will.  Becoming tense and seeking to control the situation (be it a pivotal point in life, a sticky moment in parenting, or a monster of a wave) will only result in a great deal of useless thrashing around, and figurative (or literal, if you're still with me on this wave analogy) drowning.  Anyone who's ever spent some time in the ocean learns pretty quickly that if you're in over your head, relax, and eventually you'll float to the surface.  Maybe after taking a good pounding.  And learning a tough lesson or two.  This applies to life, especially life as a parent.

I am pretty stoked that I (somehow) got lucky enough to find the Mister, and that our kids have such an amazing dad.  This is the sort of man that brings out the best in people, and that seems to me to be a pretty handy trait to have in a relationship, and as a parent.  He's passionate about life, the ocean, art, and his family.  He has the patience of a saint...obviously, he married me.  And he knows when to paddle like hell, and when to loosen up and ride the wave.  He taught me how to do that (mostly), and he's teaching our kids that every day.

And the really brilliant part?  He'll always be right close by, if they do take a tumble, and need a hand.

Stoked on this man.  Happy Father's Day to you, Mister.


  1. BLUSH!, oh wait that might just be the radical sunburn my head got!

  2. Beautiful little story you told with the pictures...gotta love Stuart and all of his shenanigans!! I loved the wave analogy...very yogic :)

  3. The wave analogy was brilliant and I get it! The pictures of Tyler, Bella & Stuey were wonderful. As to patience...I need to start taking lessons from my brilliant son-in-law! A great husband, father, son-in-law and man!