"Things won are done,
Joy's Soul lies in the Doing."
- William Shakespeare

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


It feels like my birthday tonight...the season's first CSA box arrived, and I am one happy, and well fed, lady.  I kind of can't even stand how beautiful this produce is, I must say.  After spreading it all out on the counter, snapping a few (inferior) shots, poring over some recipes, and realizing that the mister and I were very hungry indeed, I knew I had better get a move on with getting food on the table.

So, since I had to hustle my bustle this evening, and get the two of us fed right quick, I don't have a new recipe to share per se, but rather a tweak of one I shared a while back, from Street Food, by Tom Kime.  The meal was another take on the Nonya Sambal I served up earlier this month.  I am a firm believer in playing with your food.  Not of course once it's on your plate, I am a responsible parent after all.  But rather whilst cooking...get in there, mess around, and try something new.  New indeed.

This week's CSA share included a newbie for me, garlic scapes.  These are the shoots that grow on garlic bulbs, which are often tossed, to allow the plant to put its energy into growing the bulb.  Delicately flavored, and scented of garlic, without the bite.  Yum.  And they're so pretty.  I went with the farm's recipe advice to toss it in a stir fry, a la the above Nonya Sambal, and it was absolutely lovely.  Along with some rapini leaves, bok choy, cilantro and mint. We ate like Kings.  Which works.

The photo does not do the food justice.  Just put your faith in me that it was one tasty meal.

Oh, and dessert...perfectly ripe strawberries.  These babies are so fresh, and so fragrant, it was almost a shame to eat them.  Almost.  And so not.

They really are that red and juicy and gorgeous.  Gems of strawberries.

Why on earth do we ever settle for less than this heavenly food?

A healthy (or not, given your outlook) dollop of whipped cream, barely sweetened with confectioners' sugar and a wee bit of vanilla. Oh my.

What a perfect start to a summer of amazing food.  I'm beside myself right now.  Truly.

I'd love to mention, our CSA share is with Helsing Junction Farms, and what a lovely treat.  I'm absolutely thrilled to be enjoying the freshest food imaginable...and organic to boot.  Ah...I'm off to sit myself down on the couch, full of strawberries, thumbing through cookbooks for tomorrow's feast.

Life is good.  Great, actually.

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