"Things won are done,
Joy's Soul lies in the Doing."
- William Shakespeare

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Communal Gratitude

Nope, I'm not part of a commune.  I am, however, feeling pretty grateful to be part of such a cool community of people.  Looking around at the folks at yoga last night, I was thinking how awesome it is to know so very many amazing, lovely people.  And this led me to think on the fact that, wherever we have lived and traveled throughout the big, wide world, we have been incredibly lucky to cross paths with some serious gems of people.

I don't think I'm especially karmically deserving to have the good fortune to constantly get to know these treasures.  I'm definitely not one of those souls, of whom it is said, "She's just such a good person."  Not that I'm a bad person, just rather human.  It might be more likely said of me, "She feeds us well,"  or "That girl mixes a decent drink,"  or "She can make me laugh."  And to be honest, probably "She is rather free with her opinions."  But somehow, I keep being lucky enough to meet all these wonderful folks.

The yoga classes, Girls' Nights, dinner parties, impromptu gatherings of friends...they all make life so much fun.

So thanks, friends, for being in my life, and allowing me to be a little part of yours, because hey, we do know how to have a good time, and that, for me, is what it's all about.  I feel pretty blissed, and blessed, on the whole deal.

And PS - I've heard from quite a few folks that they've had trouble leaving comments on this here blog.  I think, cross fingers, that I've gotten it sorted out.  So, comment away!

Cheers, me dears!


  1. i am so greatful for you...you're my gal :)

  2. Hey! she is my gal!