"Things won are done,
Joy's Soul lies in the Doing."
- William Shakespeare

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


The siren song of home does lead one into some tricky spots adventures, don't you think?  Well worth it, but phew!  It has been a rather challenging few weeks (months), beginning with our very drawn out house purchase, endless closing delays, and The Move.  Given that we are fairly experienced movers - after all, we've shifted countries several times - I rather figured we had this one in the bag.  As it just so happens, packing up a pallet's worth of boxes to ship overseas and organizing immigration papers is nothing compared to moving house with ferries involved, much bigger kiddos missing friends and school, and so much more stuff to load and unload.  But we're here.  And it's not a bad place to be.

Not bad at all.

This new space we have been looking forward to, and are just starting to get used to calling home is somewhat overwhelming, to say the least.  I keep looking around at a house that is exactly triple the size of our last home, with an acre of very un-landscaped land, thinking:  "Are we ready for this?!"  Along with the sheer gratitude and excitement to have this place, at long last, comes a helluva list of Things to Do.  Water heater to replace (check!), propane tank to fill (check!), firewood to buy, one of two ovens kaput (two ovens, though, not complaining!), waiting on a washer and dryer to be delivered (exactly how much laundry does a move incur?!  A lot.), and an ancient curmudgeon of a furnace that has reached retirement age and then some (a mere two years younger than me...so, 24, right?  Um, yeah...), a garden to plan, trees to learn how to care for...  All these teething issues are beautifully balanced out by the lovely welcome the Island is giving to our family.  The view of the water, a gorgeous space for kids to run and play, a morning cup of coffee while taking in a stunner of a sunrise, the kind teachers at our new school, every friendly Islander we've interacted with, has been more than enough to convince us that we chose well.

Cooking will begin again soon, along with recipes to share, now that we've got hot water in the kitchen...knitting warm gear needs to happen, as we've got a huge space to heat and are a little fearful of that first bill...remodeling and redecorating stories to share once we settle in a little bit more...This Oddysey is happening, my friends.

Have a wonderful day.


  1. furnace (exactly) 2 years older, you might want to check your math Mrs.

    1. Oops, thought it was 2 years younger...okay, so I stand corrected. The thing is 28 years old then. ;)

  2. You take really beautiful pictures. Please keep sharing all the lovely pictures you keep taking.

    1. Why, thank you, Mike! My posts have been somewhat few and far between of late, but I do appreciate the kind words. Have a lovely day.