"Things won are done,
Joy's Soul lies in the Doing."
- William Shakespeare

Friday, October 5, 2012


With our long-awaited move (finally) (supposedly) approaching, I've been doing a little DIY/remaking around here.  I recently realized that this is the first time I will have intentionally decorated the Kiddos' bedrooms, in a style to suit their personalities, rather than out of pure convenience.  And I'm pretty excited about it.  Making up for lost time, I suppose you could say.  Weird nighttime happenings are coming of it, too...sitting bolt upright in bed at 2am, having just dreamed the perfect accent for the Girl's pale aqua walls and pomegranate-colored desk, exclaiming:  "Sheer yellow curtains!"...asking the Mister, at 5am, if the old bookshelf we have will stain nicely for the Boy's room...obsessing on Pinterest and spending an inordinate amounts of time "working" on the new house decor...(Okay, that's not so weird.  I know you all do it too.)

The thing is though, it's coming together nicely, all this pre-move planning and decorating.  It's also saving my sanity, in a way.  For while we wait (and wait, and wait) on this bloody long process, I can at least direct my energies into something productive, in preparation for our new home...rather than freaking out.  Which I've been very tempted to do.  And which, I'm proud and a little bit surprised to say, I have not done.  Yay, me.

So, we are, at long last, shedding the pink and purple that have been the predominate colors in the Girl's room.  (Hallelujah.)  Enter one garage sale purchase, priced at a sweet $5:

We spotted this sickly sweet, Pepto-pink desk at a garage sale near my Mom's a few years ago, and I thought:  Eureka!  That's all my Girl needs: a desk in which to contain the crafting tornado.  I swear this child farts fabric remnants, paper scraps, and markers everywhere she goes.  Alas, a mere desk cannot contain the creative process.  But at least it's pretty now.

Enter the newly remade desk:

While I must admit to (somewhat heavily, though subtly) pressuring my gal toward red as a replacement for pink, she chose the color herself.  Pomegranate something or other, it's called.  Relying on all my motherly powers of manipulation, I may have suggested that red would be rather French.  (My wee Francophile...like mother, like daughter.)  I can't vouch for the accuracy of that claim.  But it worked.  And there's just a hint of pink to that red, to keep my gal happy.

I used, as a starting point, this fabulous tutorial, from The Yellow Cape Cod.  I did distress the edges a bit more though, and I think it works well for a child's room.

The painted ceramic knobs hail from World Market, priced at a nifty $1.99 each.  (The Mister needs to drill larger holes for the top drawer for me, given my spastic power tool tendencies.)  

For now, the desk remains empty and uncluttered.  Although knowing my Girl...not for long.  Inspiration will soon strike, and Hurricane Devin will fill this newly remade piece with all sorts of creative goodness.  (And mess.)  

At the moment, it's simply home to a little collection of rocks and raggedy faux butterflies.

That's my Girl.

Have a beautiful day.

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