"Things won are done,
Joy's Soul lies in the Doing."
- William Shakespeare

Friday, March 9, 2012


I haven't forgotten this space, nor have I forgotten you fine people.  It's just been a tad bit difficult to find the time, and the quiet, and the peace of mind, to sit down and write for a while.  With 8 days remaining until the move, life is taking on a slightly frenzied pace.  Nothing too extreme, just busier than I prefer it to be.

So, saying that, while I look around the room at all the boxes waiting to be filled with the bits and pieces of our lives, I will allow myself a moment, a wee break from the life-size tetris game that my days have become. (Oh dear, I am a nerd.)  Anyway, they're neither exciting, nor unexpected, but here are some tidbits of what's been going on around these parts:

...boxes, boxes, and more boxes...duh.

It does look like we know how to throw a serious party.  We do.  But not quite to this extent.  Free liquor store boxes.  I can now proudly claim to be buddies with the liquor store guy.

...clearing out the nearly empties, from fridge and pantry...

...today, in the form of Mim's world famous tomato relish sammies...

...and a new twist on my granola recipe, adding unsweetened coconut...yum...

...not quite finding the time to knit a few rows here and there on the textured shawl I'm working on, but at least squeezing in half a row, here and there.  Until I glance around at all the boxes demanding my attention instead.  Boo.

...synchronistically finding the perfect moment to collect sea water for the Boy's science project, while on a house-hunting mission...

...and finally, after yet another day of unsuccessful house-hunting mission-ing... (I swear by all that is holy, I will lose my freaking cool, if I have to look at another farmhouse with an entire floor of gross wood paneling.  Lose it, I tell you!) 
...a gorgeous, sunshiny ferry ride, which kind of made the disappointing house hunt seem not so bad.

All in all, we're managing quite nicely.

Apart from all those bloody boxes, that is.

I'll be back after the weekend with a recipe for you...and believe you me, it's a goody!  Have a beautiful weekend, friends!

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