"Things won are done,
Joy's Soul lies in the Doing."
- William Shakespeare

Monday, May 16, 2011

I Get There in the End

It appears I have a little problem with commitment, or more specifically, seeing a project through to the end.  I get all excited to start something new, things progress smoothly for a while, and then...meh.  Hit a little speed bump, or minor snag in the project, and it's just not that fun anymore.  It looks like I have a need for some self-improvement in this area.  But hey, at least I'm self-aware, right?  Knowing's half the battle...and whatnot?

So, amongst the cache of yarn and fabric, and patterns purchased or found for various knitting and sewing projects that I absolutely must do -  the very next thing! - I am trying, very hard, to finish some stuff.  Especially when I had to face facts, and acknowledge that I'm just a teeny bit crap, when I brought a not quite finished knitted hoodie to one of my very best friend's baby shower this weekend.

It's the Snug (pattern available Here on Ravelry.com).  It's the first full sweater I've actually completed.  Well, except for the buttons, which I'm seeking.  Turns out, I live in a toggle-free zone.  So, Shannon, dear friend, must wait.  At least that baby's not coming out for a bit yet.

And...another gift faux pas.  Mom's birthday quilt.  Oh yes, turned up for her birthday with an unfinished quilt, and the excuse of a several week's long illness (I do always have excellent reasons for my craptastic antics.)

You see, things were going great for a while.  Sewing machine humming along, I was even enjoying myself for a bit.  But then, when it came to quilting...and a rather curious kitten...things went a bit awry.  On top of feeling like complete rubbish.  So, it's also in the "yet to be completed" mountain, erm, pile.  I'm thinking I may be a bit tacky, with all this gifting of unfinished projects.  Please know the intentions are the very best.  And the love is there.  (At least when I begin the project.)

Remember this one from a while back?

Tyler's Beachcomber.  (From Timeless Knits for Kids)  Which had to be set aside for time to work on baby shower and birthday gifts.  And now...

That's me, looking pretty damned stoked that I'm on the LAST SLEEVE.  And perhaps a little surprised at myself.  I've got a little push to get this one done, because we are headed to the beach this coming weekend, and that boy must have his Beachcomber, right?  Cross fingers, knock wood...I obviously need all the help I can get here, folks.

Okay, okay, enough berating myself.  I do see a thing or two through to the end, once in a while.  We have had this cool desk chair that the mister found about 5 years ago, on the side of the road.  I know, right?  Crazy.  And I have had every intention of recovering the nasty ripped pleather seat, for that same amount of time.  And for the last few months, Vincent the kitty has taken to pulling bits of foam out of the seat.  Which is lovely, and not at all trashy.  But hey!  A finished freaking project!  Check it out!

Looks like I get there in the end.  Just takes me a while.  Okay...a rather long while.

I will say though, that where it counts, I have no fear of commitment.  In fact, I think that these three...

...the kiddos...

...and the mister...

...show that I can commit...when I want to...and when it really counts.

I do indeed get there, in the end.  All in my own good time.

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